HL1595 – RFA Diligence (Answered)

Lord West of Spithead To ask Her Majesty’s Government what was the cost of the refit to RFA Diligence in 2013 to extend its life to 2020. Earl Howe Refits of RFA DILIGENCE were carried out from June 2012 to February 2013, and from September 2014 to February 2015, costing £17.6 million and £11 million …

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Author: Jack Nicholson

Hi, I'm Jack Nicholson, but not the one you're probably thinking of right now. I first joined the Royal Navy in 1997 after working in medicine, becoming a medic. I spent 12 years in the ranks and during this time I served in 3 different ships, met a lot of people and experienced even more than I could have dreamed; eventually commissioning as Medical Service Officer. My work has taken me to places far and wide, such as Afghanistan. I enjoy spending my time raising money for charities which help injured war veterans, as this is obviously very close to my heart after seeing so many of my friends go through traumatic ordeals. One of my favourite hobbies is reading, I really enjoy reading non-fiction books in my spare time

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